Saturday, September 3, 2016

Child of God

Nobody is perfect. So many times we try to make our lives look that way, but in reality all of our lives have flaws and weaknesses. We try to make up this image of who we are or strive to be and feel the need to always live up to that image. We try to make everyone happy and like us and that's not a possible feat. There will always be someone who will disapprove of your flaws, there will always be that one insecurity that just pushes you to limits you never thought you'd go, and then there's just the simple thought of not being good enough. We all feel this way and that's okay. Sometimes it's stronger than others, BUT there is hope. There is someone  that can help and his name is Jesus. He is the perfect one, but because of his vast love for us, he died. He died a death he didn't deserve, a death criminals would die, he was spat on, and cursed at. Think about what his reputation was at that moment. He didn't care. He was then martyred with our sins on his shoulders all for one reason… LOVE. He didn't think twice about his reputation or what it looked like. He freely gave his life so we could live through him. He rose 3 days later, conquering death. When we put our trust in Christ we become set free. We now don't have to worry about the perfect image, the flaws, the weaknesses, the insecurities we hide because Jesus faced that and conquered it for us, so that we can be free. So why not embrace your messy hair, room, and life because we have one reputation and that is A Set Free Child Of God. We still have our flaws and insecurities, but they are beautiful in Gods eyes because we are his Child set free by his perfect love. 

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